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Restore. Rebalance. Revitalise.


Hi, I’m Mandy. I am a Five Element Acupuncturist working in Mold, North Wales. I’m so fascinated by acupuncture because everyday in my clinic I get to see how this unique system of medicine can significantly change people’s lives for the better.

One of the most important aspects of my job is taking the time to really listen to your concerns and goals and to identify the root cause of what is troubling you. I treat the whole body; the physical, mental and emotional to encourage self healing for overall health and wellbeing.

There is no one size fits all approach here, instead I focus on providing the highest care and attention, so I can develop a treatment plan completely unique to you.

I’m here to help say goodbye to your pains so you can get back to living your most fulfilled life.



 What Is Five Element Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the longest established forms of healthcare in the world. It was founded on the holistic concept that when there is a block or disruption in the flow of the body’s energy, also known as “Qi” it causes issues to our overall health and wellbeing. In my opinion, what makes Five Element Acupuncture so special (compared to all other styles of acupuncture) is that the primary focus is on ‘you’ (i.e. your whole being) not your symptoms. My job is to look to see ‘why’ you are experiencing the symptoms - focusing on finding the ‘true cause’ of your problem. Our main organs have pathways of Qi, which are called meridians. I am able to assess the flow of energy in all pathways to see what steps I need to take to ensure the whole body is functioning at its best. This is where the use of very thin needles becomes important as they are inserted to specific acupuncture points on the meridians to restore the natural flow, triggering your body’s healing response to ensure there is a physical, emotional and mental equilibrium.


What Can Five Element Acupuncture Treat?


Acupuncture has the power to treat a multitude of physical, mental and emotional issues. A growing body of evidence-based clinical research is discovering how the body responds to acupuncture and its benefits for a wide range of common health conditions.

My special interests look at:


• Stress • Anxiety • Menstruation • Chronic Pain • Depression

• IVF • Migraine • Fatigue • Fertility • Gastrointestinal


What Can Five Element Acupuncture Do For Me?

The Five Element approach involves a holistic review of how your body is functioning (mind, body, emotions) focusing on treating the whole of you. By treating the cause it helps lessen the severity of your symptoms or if possible cure your disease/problem by stopping all symptoms completely. It also prevents more serious diseases developing or can even slow down chronic diseases. The goal is not just to alleviate the symptoms for a temporary relief but improve all the body’s functions generally which promotes the natural self healing process. This approach has hugely resonated with women and couples trying to conceive, as it’s not about treating the specific fertility problems but discovering the underlying weakness of the person and supporting them – the outcome is the person improves in many ways and often this leads to an increased chance of becoming pregnant.

Five Element Acupuncture brings the whole body back to balance, synchronising the natural cycles which in turn improves your sense of wellbeing - by treating every aspect of you - reaching a state of optimum health.