Acupuncture Master, Gerad Kite, talking all things fertility!

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Have you heard Izzy Judd’s newest episode from her podcast ‘Let’s Talk Fertility” with Gerad Kite? As you know, Gerad is a big role model of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to learn from him and work with him for many many years!

Gerad gives a really great insight into the extensive benefits that come from the holistic approach of Five Element Acupuncture and by treating the person as a whole rather than only the direct symptoms you are able to delve deeper and truly make a difference to the person’s mind, body and spirit!

If you didn’t know, I am a member of the Kite Clinic, and I represent the North West, UK so if you’re interested in having Five Element Acupuncture but are not based near London, check out if you’re near my clinics!

But first, go have a listen to Gerad’s incredible stories and knowledge of the relationship between five element acupuncture and fertility, so inspiring!

Find it here:

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