Acupuncture Talk at Storyhouse, Chester!

I’m so excited to be doing a talk all about Five Element Acupuncture at the Storyhouse in Chester this September. It’s also really special because it’s a place I’ve loved visiting since it opened in 2017. I’ve enjoyed many a coffee at the library, going to the theatre with friends and the cinema with my husband…but this time I’ll be going to provide the entertainment.

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Storyhouse is a space for bringing people together, it’s a library, cinema, theatre, cultural centre, community hub all rolled into one, and has received numerous awards in the short time it’s been open for its contribution to the local community and the innovation behind the whole design of the building!

 The event I am talking at is ‘Storyhouse Parent’ which focusses on the highs and lows of becoming a parent and creating a safe space to learn, talk and share about parent life. 

 A big part of my work focuses on the first steps of becoming a parent, where acupuncture is used to assist with fertility problems and during IVF treatments. Over the last 10 years of practising acupuncture I been fortunate enough to learn from Gerad Kite, a very highly regarded Five Element Acupuncturist who has supported many women during this time in their lives, that can be very confusing and overwhelming. I am also part of the Reproductive Health Group based in Daresbury, it’s a clinic that supports women during fertility, pregnancy and afterbirth. It’s the first fully integrated fertility and women’s health hospital in the UK, so it’s such a pleasure being part of it.

“I had acupuncture with Mandy for over 12 months related to infertility. I was struggling with IVF treatment and the anxiety related to this, and Mandy helped immensely to balance my body and mind through acupuncture and her supportive nature. Mandy was very welcoming, professional, and thorough at all times. Mandy always spent time listening to my worries and helping with acupuncture to reduce my anxiety. I learnt through the process to begin to trust my body, and started to approach IVF treatment with a more positive mind-set and have no doubt that this relaxed my body...and we have now just found out we are pregnant! :) I can't thank Mandy enough for her support during the most difficult time in our life, and will always feel lucky to have met her. I would certainly recommend acupuncture with Mandy.”

My talk is going to be focused on how acupuncture can support a fertility journey and /or mental health concerns that may arise throughout this stage of a woman’s life.

I’m so looking forward to being able to fully explain all about Five Element Acupuncture – what exactly it is, how it can help and why it is so successful!

“Acupuncture with Mandy has been amazing, treatments are completely holistic, helping your body, mind and spirit. Fertility treatment, stress, grief and body self-hatred are just some of the areas that acupuncture has helped me with. Most of all I now have a better coping mechanism when things don’t go my way. I have left every session feeling lighter and happier. I couldn’t recommend Mandy enough.”

You don’t need to book just come and find me at the Storyhouse on 8th September!


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