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Ready to try Five Element Acupuncture?

Here’s what you need to do.



First things first, head over to the booking page and choose the best time for you to have a free consultation call with me. During the call we’ll talk a little about what pains and concerns you have, what you would like to achieve by having acupuncture and I’ll explain more about what the treatments with me involve and what to expect.



After our call, come back to the booking page and book your initial consultation and treatment appointment in either Hale or Mold. At this stage, I’ll provide you with more information about your acupuncture treatment to ensure you’re happy and comfortable with everything and feel excited about your next steps. And obviously, you are more than welcome to contact me again at any time with any additional questions if you do think of any before your first appointment.




The first treatment is always a little longer, and will take approximately 1-2 hours. It starts with a 30-minute consultation (chat!) where I will start by identifying what and where the real source of the pain and problems stem from. I will then conduct some very straight forward non invasive tests on you, this is where I get to understand the flow of energy in your body and feel for any blockages. Next (the exciting bit) I will then treat you, by introducing you to my trusty needles and I’ll always explain to you what I am doing and why - each step of the way. Using only just a few needles - I don’t fix - but restore your body so it can rebalance and you can feel revitalised to live your life to the max! 

At the end of your first session, I will go through some of my findings with you and share my initial thoughts on how I can help you and how many sessions you will need in order to feel the benefits of the treatment and for you to achieve your goal.

P.S. Every third treatment is 15% off!