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How I got to where I am today. Here’s a little peak into my story.


I am fascinated in the uniqueness of each and every person. I love meeting new people and helping them feel fulfilled and happy in their own skin. I choose to study 5 element acupuncture specifically because of its unique approach.

I believe that when you find the cause of a problem (not treating or just alleviating symptoms) you are able to come up with a unique (very specific) treatment plan that addresses the root cause of that problem, allowing the body to naturally, and of its own accord, reset itself. I believe this is something very special I can offer my patients.


“Those who live in harmony with themselves live in harmony with the world.” - Marcus Aurelius


But first, let’s back up a bit because I haven’t always been an acupuncturist and since this is ‘My Story’, I’ll start from the beginning (of my acupuncture journey!).

My story began back in 2004 where I had spent 10 years working at Bank America, it was a great place to work but for a number of years I hadn’t felt like myself, I’d lost my way and felt I was going down a path that I knew wasn’t meant for me. This built up to a point where I was living in a constant state of panic and anxiety. I didn’t know what my purpose was or where to turn but I decided enough was enough, I had to do something and make a change.

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I needed to understand what my body was trying to tell me.


 I saw my GP, tried all the recommendations and yes some did help ease the pressure for a short while. But I still didn’t understand deep inside what had happened to me.

So, I decided to look at other methods to improve my self wellbeing, I started yoga and researched alternative forms of medicine, that’s where I came across acupuncture. I started reading all these books about this ancient Chinese medicine and the holistic approach to understanding your whole body and the power of self-healing. I booked myself in for some acupuncture treatments and it was becoming more clear to me how the body actually works. By treating and building my emotional strength it helped the overall health of my body, that made me realise the mind and body must go hand in hand. I started feeling the best I’d felt in over two years.

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Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.


 It was through my own journey of struggles that I discovered the power of acupuncture and wanted to learn more about this life-changing practice.

So, a year later I started on a new chapter in my life and began my training to be an acupuncturist. I had this burning desire to help others who were going through what I had experienced, especially as mental health awareness and support was so limited 10 years ago.

I became a fully qualified acupuncturist by 2009 with a First Class Honours degree, and managed to bag my first job working for Gerad Kite in Harvey Nichols in Manchester. If you don’t know Gerad Kite he is known globally for his expertise in acupuncture and specialism in treating fertility - so as you can imagine I was blown away to be able to learn from him. Still today I work as part of the Kite Clinic Team offering acupuncture in the North West, specifically Mold in North Wales and am also part of The Association of Five-Element Acupuncturists (AEFA). I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the UK’s leading regulatory body for Acupuncture practitioners. All members follow the Code of Conduct which governs ethical and professional behaviour and the Code of Safe Practice that sets benchmark standards for best practice in acupuncture.

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BAC British Acupuncture Council Member logo

I was part of the Reproductive Health Group (RHG) when it was first established. RHG is a clinic that specialises in supporting women during fertility, pregnancy and beyond. I really enjoyed working at RHG but realised I wanted to focus my energy on helping professionals in the corporate world, who are experiencing what I went through 10 years ago!

I’ve spent the last 10 years deepening my understanding of the practice, in 2016 I undertook a 3 year course with Niki Bilton, one of the best Five Element acupuncturists in the world. Last year I visited Gerad Kite’s school in France and helped teach. The next step in my acupuncture journey is to attain my teaching qualification at the Worsley Institute in Denver, which is the world’s most renowned School of Five Element Acupuncture, I passed the first stage last year and I’m hoping to complete the final part this October, so exciting things to come!

Mandy Laing Acupuncture. Mandy is sat down in front of a wooden door

10 years on and that new chapter of my life has turned into a whole book of amazing new experiences.


I have also dedicated time outside of Acupuncture to mentor at the Girls Networking charity organisation, which is such an amazing journey to experience, helping young women!

My life outside of acupuncture involves spending time with my wonderful husband and taking care of our menagerie of pets (ex-battery hens and an old cat, daily entertainment!). I believe movement and being in nature also have such huge benefits to our overall wellbeing so I love a bit of zumba, yoga, travelling and seeing new places! Lastly, I’m always trying to learn new things, so currently I am taking Italian speaking classes - which is actually pretty hard, would you believe!

So that about sums me up, thanks for having a little read! I hope it resonated with you and if you’d like to get in touch it would be a pleasure to chat!